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Preparing For Energy Healing With The Harmonic Egg

Preparing for energy healing with the Harmonic Egg

Preparing for your session in the Harmonic Egg is simple. 

You just need to do a few things before your session and then let the Harmonic Egg do all the work!  

At Next Level Harmonics, we often get asked “how to prepare for a Harmonic Egg session”, so we’ve come up with a list that we think is helpful!

5 Simple Ways To Prepare For The Harmonic Egg Session:

  1. Get Comfy! Wear your comfy clothes. Clothes that you wear when you want to feel relaxed and stress-free, that allow you to move freely. Loose-fitting clothes are generally the best. 
  2. Be Hydrated. Drink plenty of water so that you are well-hydrated before the session. Water also helps facilitate the flow of vibrations and energy through your body. But it is also important to not force yourself to drink water. What’s important is that you feel hydrated.
  3. Set An Intention. Consider setting an intention for your session. Remember what motivated you to take the session in the first place. Having an intention can help you get the most out of your session. Your body’s bio-energy will respond better to the energy therapy if you guide it.
  4. Lock Up Your Phone. Most people like to take their phones with them so they can take pictures. But try to leave your phone outside or any other electronics for that matter. They can be distracting and disrupt the flow of energy. Here at Next Level Harmonics, we offer a full body, mind and soul immersive experience.
  5. Practice Deep Breathing.  When you come in, take a few minutes to engage in deep breaths and try to relax your mind and body before beginning your session. This will help your body transition into the Harmonic Egg faster, getting even more out of your session.

 When inside the resonance chamber of the Harmonic Egg, try to not overthink anything. The energy flowing through your body in the form of vibrations, the lights gently piercing your closed eyelids, and the sounds playing its symphony on your ear drums; this immersive experience is what the Harmonic Egg in Frisco, Texas has to offer you.

By following the tips above, you can ensure that you get the most out of your energy-healing session with the Harmonic Egg. 

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