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Harmonic Egg: Try It At Least Once In Your Life!

Why you need to try thee Harmonic Egg at least once

Why do you need to try the Harmonic Egg at least once in your life? What IS the Egg, anyway? We’re glad you asked! The Harmonic Egg is a chamber that uses ancient practices of “sound and light therapy” to work on the body at a cellular level. 

It is a unique, patented chamber created to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and wellness and its effects are truly “out of this world”.

For centuries, sound and light therapy have been used to heal your body from the inside out, and it’s no different with the Egg. 

The energy flows through your entire body in the form of low-amplitude vibrations, removing blockages in energy, while also helping your immune system.

The Egg was designed to help your body by amplifying positivity…and that’s why everyone needs to try the Harmonic Egg at least once! 

The Egg’s unique design, based on sacred geometry, allows you to lie in a comfortable, cocoon-like position, which can further enhance relaxation. 

As the energy therapy begins, the Harmonic Egg works to re-balance your body’s life energy. It utilizes the science of bio-resonance to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

When you have a session with the Egg, the light and sound therapy the egg produces helps to “energize” and “reset” you at a cellular level so that your body can start to heal from the inside out. The Harmonic Egg as a therapy helps to continually produce positive results over time. 

It’s been proven that energy therapy from the Egg has helped with physical, mental, and emotional challenges as well as offering relief from stress, anxiety, depression and mood disorders,  pain, injuries, and different health illnesses. 

Beyond the ability to help heal our bodies on a cellular level with the Harmonic Egg…

The best part about the Harmonic Egg’s “energy therapy” is that it offers us greater mental clarity and focus, restores emotional balance and helps build your spiritual strength. 

After just ONE SESSION, clients have experienced: 

  • Inner Peace 
  • Freedom 
  • Awareness 
  • Increased Positivity 
  • Improved Emotional State

And that’s why you have to try the Harmonic Egg — at least once in your life!

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