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What makes the Harmonic Egg so effective?

Scientifically proven advanced energy therapy

Sounds, in the form of music, has therapeutic effects on the human body. The Harmonic Egg uses the power of sacred geometry to create a chamber that focuses sound and light energy on your body. Unlike other physical therapies, the effects of sound and light travel through your entire body.

The bio-resonance that happens by the combined effect of light, mild vibrations, and sounds travelling through your body activates your innate healing tendencies. Balance is restored in your body at both physical and spiritual level.

Your body and soul is guided to a place of ultimate relaxation through the frequencies and vibrations produced by the sound and light therapy. The best part about the harmonic chamber is that the everything can be completely customized to your needs and the type of therapy you require.

Harmonic Egg provides relief from

Mental and emotional stress, depression and severe anxiety

Physical pain and injuries, or trauma to the body

Learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Chronic illness and diseases of mind and body

Brain injuries and degenerative genetic conditions

Any Physical or Spiritual ailment affecting your pets

Here's what people had to say
about The Harmonic Egg

Lindsay Welch
If you’ve been searching for physical or emotional peace you have to visit Stephanie at Next Level Harmonics. The Harmonic Egg has truly been an eye opening experience for me. The light and sound therapy benefits of the egg are vast, but for me personally it has helped with anxiety, stress, pain, healing, improved concentration and sleep…I could go on and on!! Stephanie also includes virtual sessions for pets in her repertoire of services. My tiny Chihuahua broke her leg a few weeks back and Stephanie offered a virtual Harmonic Egg session for Willow. I was skeptical at first, however a few days following the session, Willow had her first vet appointment after surgery. Being the extremely energetic dog that she is, I was certain she would need to be sedated for the appointment to look at the incision, bone plate, and sutures. To my surprise, the vets called to let me know that sedation wasn’t necessary and her wounds were healing at faster rates than normal. I truly believe the healing energies of the light and sound emitted by the Harmonic Egg played a remarkable part of her healing. If you haven’t booked a session with Stephanie, I highly encourage you to see what wonderful things the Harmonic Egg can do for you and even your pets! ❤️
Whitney Perkins
I just tried this for the first time and WOW! I am so happy I got to experience this. It was amazing allowing myself the opportunity to relax and set good intentions. I definitely recommend this!
Noy Bolurian
First time trying the harmonic egg and I had such a wonderful experience! Stephanie is very sweet and welcoming. The egg was a very powerful experience! I meditated into space and felt like I was floating. My senses were heightened immediately after the experience, and I was incredibly relaxed the entire day. I definitely plan on going again and experimenting in other modes 🙂
Cathy Simons
Golden opportunity to experience mind, body and spirit in complete alignment. The Harmonic Egg provided healing at all levels. The perfect music and chakra balancing spritz prior to each session enhanced the total experience. Usui Reiki Master Healer & Teacher Meditation Instructor Theta Healing Practitioner Galactic Healing Practitioner
Madison Riley
What a special experience and what a beautiful, warm person to facilitate it. I was greeted with such kindness from Stephanie, she didn't make me feel rushed or intimidated by the experience at all. She gave me a cup of herbal tea and we chatted and she just made my whole first experience with the egg feel so personal! Everything I was unsure of before starting my session, she explained to me before I even had to ask about it and she even provided me with a blanket for my time in the egg, I am telling you, she literally thought of it all. And my experience in the egg... oh! It was so peaceful, the sounds that played were so profoundly beautiful and relaxing. My body and mind felt so free to unravel and relax. I felt so much less inflamed after my experience with the egg, and mentally, I felt truly happy after my session. I am so grateful for my time there. I will most definitely be returning.
Nancy Elliott
I had my fourth session today with a full blown 2 day migraine and it is now gone! Thank you Stephanie for providing this valuable healing modality to our community ❤. I am truly honored to be able to experience this on a regular basis. It should be a part of everyone's self-care plan. You don't know what you are missing if you don't schedule a time today!
Amanda M
I loved my experience! After one session I felt better than I had in months! I was sleeping better and some unexplained pains were gone. I have tried many healing modalities over the years and none have given me the results this quickly that the Egg did. I cannot recommend it enough to everyone!
Nicole Patterson
Stephanie made my experience truly wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and explained how it all works and the benefits to be had. I’ve never felt such a mind and body connection. I could feel a difference after the first session.
Sophia S
I have been battling with muscle tension. I have been overwhelmed with work lately and wanted to try something new to help with muscle tension and getting a massage just wasn't cutting it. So I looked online to see other methods to take care of aches. I found this unique system called the harmonic egg. I called and booked an appointment. When I arrived at the clinic Stephanie was very accommodating. Stephanie took every step to make sure I felt comfortable. She was great at explaining the process. I was so excited!!! She took the time to help me with my seating and made sure I was comfortable. She also made sure that my seat was adjusted to my liking. I was a little nervous while seating in the chair. Within 5 - 10 minutes while I was seating I was instantly relaxed. During my time in the egg, I could feel myself going through meditation. Also felt an energy of waves on my muscles. After 40-50 minutes the session ended. I felt refreshed I was a little drowsy from the deep sleep. Stephanie helped me out of the machine and offered me water and electrolytes to help with my rebalancing after my session. She was kind and sweet. Most importantly she also followed up later to check to make sure I was doing. I have experienced a wide range of healing and rebalancing but the harmonic eggs was one of the most incredible experiences! I will be returning again and for my aches. Thank you Stephanie!
Stefano Gatto
It was amazing, super relaxing, very good feeling.When the session was over I didn’t know if I felt to sleep or not, you reach a state of mind extremely cool. I recommend it to everyone Is not easy to describe it, you have to try it!!!

Who can benefit from The Harmonic Egg?

There’s no limitation of age or gender on the use of The Harmonic Egg. It is even safe for your pets and other domestic animals (we only offer remote sessions for pets right now). The harmonic egg has a wide ramp that easily opens and even the handicapped people can enjoy the deep relaxation offered by the Harmonic Egg.

There are no hidden side effects or down sides to using The Harmonic Egg. Because it is purely a sound and light energy therapy. The body absorbs the amount of energy that is needed and where it’s needed. This energy is carried through vibrations, and it travels through the entire body.

This is the reason why your body is able to reach a state of deep relaxation. The sacred shape of the egg causes your body to resonate at its natural frequency. At this point, your body is completely in sync with your soul. During this time, your mind is able to think more clearly and effortlessly. Your body is nourished from head to toe. 

Instead of using your body’s energy for recovery, the harmonic egg provides the necessary energy needed by the body to treat itself. This is why you feel completely energized and rejuvenated when you come out of the egg.

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