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Preparing For Energy Healing With The Harmonic Egg

Preparing for energy healing with the Harmonic Egg

Preparing for your session in the Harmonic Egg is simple.  You just need to do a few things before your session and then let the Harmonic Egg do all the work!   At Next Level Harmonics, we often get asked “how to prepare for a Harmonic Egg session”, so we’ve come up with a list that […]

Is The Harmonic Egg Safe To Use?

Is the Harmonic Egg Safe to Use?

Wondering if the Harmonic Egg is safe to use?  Unsure about this “new” energy therapy?   Want to better understand how “light & sound” therapy creates overall body and mind wellness? You’re in the right place!  Here at Next Level Harmonics, we love teaching people about this new, beautiful experience for your mind, body and soul. […]

What Is A Harmonic Egg? (And How Does It Work?)

What is the Harmonic Egg? How does it work?

The Harmonic Egg® is a unique, patented egg-shaped chamber that uses energy therapy to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.  If you’re searching for inner peace and a different approach to reducing stress, the Harmonic Egg® is a “full body experience” that offers people energy therapy for the body & soul. This new “egg […]

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